Juuko® TA3-W signal lamp with K202 transmitter

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Juuko® TA3-W signal lamp with K202 transmitter
Original spare part


€ 479.51
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Juuko® TA3-W signal lamp with K202 transmitter
Original spare part


 479,51 excluding tax

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Product information

Brands: Juuko®
Complete systems: Transmitter
Controller type: Push Button
Frequency: 434 MHz (Frequency Block)
Number of push buttons: 2
Remote control type: Wireless control
Stop Button: With Stop Button
Voltage: VAC, VDC
Battery technology: AA rechargeable
Parts: Other

Product descriptions

Juuko® TA3-W signal lamp with K202 transmitter
Original spare part

Juuko® TA3-W signal lamp:
Adjustable installation angle
Adjustable brightness
Adjustable volume
Multiple visuals and tones
Voltage: 24 V – 264 V, AC / DC
Sound output: max.90dB
Protection degree: IP65

Juuko® transmitter K202:
2 push buttons with second step
Start button
Stop button
Frequency: 433.075/434.900 MHz
IP65 class
Range: 100 meters
Use Temperature: -10 ° C to 65 ° C
Power supply: 2 x AA rechargable batteries
Dimensions: 230 mm x 57 mm x 51 mm (LxWxD)

Juuko® wireless charger Q1
USB to wireless charger
Suitable for all K-series from 2016, the suitable transmitters are identified by a green border “wireless charger” at the rear. The K-series transmitter manufactured before 2016 doesn’t have a “wireless charger” option.

Protective cover
Hand strap
User manual
Wiring diagram
Optional: external antenna

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