Returning items

The buyer has the option of returning delivered goods within 14 days after receipt without providing reasons (right of withdrawal). The article may be examined, assessed and/or tried out within this time frame, the same way this is possible in a shop, unless stated otherwise.

The right of withdrawal elapses 14 days after the day:

  • in which the article is in [the buyer’s] possession;
  • in the case of several articles in an order, which are delivered separately; of which the last article is received;
  • in the case of an article that consists of several parts: of which the last part is received.

Use of the right of withdrawal:

  • You can inform us of this in writing or by e-mail:
  • By using the model form for withdrawal;
  • By using the return voucher, enclosed with the article.

To return items:

  • The article can only be returned when the article is complete;
  • As far as possible, the article must be returned undamaged in the original packaging, and stamped. Shipping costs for returned items are at the buyer’s expense. The rates for shipping packages are available via at (

Articles that cannot be returned (exempt from right of withdrawal) are:

  • Articles that have been customised for the buyer;
  • Articles: CDs, DVDs and other carriers of audio or video recordings or software, on which the seal is broken;
  • Articles on the basis of hygienic or health reasons.


  • Upon receipt of the returned articles, the Westbrabantse Handelsmaatschappij (West Brabant Trading Company) will refund the entire amount within 14 days. Costs incurred for the return of goods are not reimbursed.
  • Whenever an article consists of several products (1 or more products are returned), only that which is returned is refunded, thus not the entire amount for all products.
  • For articles that are damaged, broken and suchlike, compensation is withheld on the amount to be refunded.

Use of the right of withdrawal:

  • The use of the right of withdrawal does not cancel any payment obligation. Payment must be made within the time frame set.  When the article complies with all requirements for return, the Westbrabantse Handelsmaatschappij shall refund the amount within 14 days.
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